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Where to have fun in Kalamata

Published on September 27, 2018 by admin

In Kalamata you may have fun anytime. It is a multidimensional city that combines all kinds of entertainment. Inside the city you will find shops for various tastes and all ages.

Originally, in the historical center and in the central square of the city, the night life is concentrated especially during the winter season. Aristomenous Street, with its wide pavement, shops and dozens of cafes, is the heart of Kalamata. At its northern end, there is the Town Hall and the 23rd March Square, where the Old Town begins, which evolves into a sophisticated coffee and drink bar, and at the south end of the Railway Park, a popular green area against the backdrop of the old wagons. There are shops for people who listen to rock, alternative, Greek as well as foreign music. Bars-clubs, where you can enjoy your drinks in relaxed or more intense rhythms, live music venues, jugs, and even entertainment venues for those who want to have fun frantically until the morning. Every week, music evenings are held in various shops and cafes, mainly with Greek and foreign music.

And in the summer, the city’s nightlife is transported to the beach clubs and beach bars, where residents and tourists can see under the summer moonlight. The Navarino Avenue is the number one meeting point of the city and the best spot start-up to get into its rhythms. Along the harbor are some of the city’s most favorite places for coffee, food or drink. The Verga Hill is the perfect spot to enjoy the city from high and favorite spot for an evening out.

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